Bam Margera has been going through a very tough time in his life. Things haven’t been going well for him since he divorced his estranged wife. Now his son has also been dragged into this entire messy situation.

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The Jackass star’s emotional distress only piled up after he split from his wife. This eventually led him to rehab. He also hasn’t been able to get in touch with his son, and now he has decided to involve lawyers in this situation.

According to TMZ, Margera’s wife, Nikki Boyd, has cut off all forms of communication with her husband. She has only spoken to the MTV star’s team about child support of their son. The issue is a grave one, because of which Margera hasn’t been able to meet with his kids.

Margera has now hired a family attorney to solve this child custody issue. The star has been trying to iron out a visitation schedule that’s favorable to him, though apparently he thinks that the situation needs legal intervention.

The attorney, who specializes in family law, will put the efforts into working out agreeable custody terms for the contract. The family law attorney is working close with Nikki’s lawyer, David Glass.

We’re hoping for a peaceful resolution for this situation, and are still sending out our best to Bam during this time.

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