Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial dominated headlines for the previous few months, and it is easy to understand why. Even though their marriage and the ensuing defamation lawsuit may have ended, Heard’s troubled relationship with him has yet to end. It appears, despite Depp coming out victorious in his defamation case against Amber, but the fight isn’t over for the Aquaman actress’ legal team.

Heard’s attorneys formally requested the jury’s verdict either be “set aside”, the complaint dismissed, or a new trial be ordered. The 43-page court filing obtained by Radar detailed a multitude of reasons why Heard’s lawyers believed it necessary to throw out the ruling.

Heard’s camp claimed that the jury’s findings were “unsupported” by the evidence. They also argued one of the jurors may not have been appropriately vetted. The court documents called for the court to investigate a person known as Juror 15, alleging there was a discrepancy with the juror’s birth year, leading them to believe their identity was not properly verified before serving in the high-profile trial.

“The Court’s Clerk’s office had a statutory obligations to verify the identity of Juror 15. But because Juror 15 was not born in 1945, it appears his identity could not have been verified through any of the means of identification the Code provides,”

The filing explained that through using public information, they were able to discover the juror was likely born in 1970, meaning it is possible that Juror 15 may not have actually received the summons for jury duty. The documents further concluded that if the juror’s identity was not appropriately confirmed, Heard’s “due process was compromised.”

It should be noted, although the jury ruled the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had also defamed Heard and found he owed damages equal to $2 million, they largely sided with Depp and Heard was ordered to pay him a total of $8.35 million in damages. We will have to wait to see how this whirlwind legal drama plays out. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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Shubham Banerjee

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