News of Logan Paul signing with WWE dominated the wrestling news sphere yesterday. According to reports, Paul has signed a long-term deal, including competing at multiple events throughout the company’s calendar year. Paul signed the contract with WWE powerhouses Triple H and Stephanie McMahon flaked by his side and seemingly has already established a trusting relationship with the two.

The YouTube megastar posted a highlight reel of him signing his contract on his Twitter. In the video, he calls Stephanie and Triple H his “first bosses” and jokes about them “drafting Jake Paul’s brother.” The three then posed for a photo, with Paul proudly holding his contract.

Logan has said that he believes he has a future in WWE. He is expected to appear at SummerSlam next month, with his opponent being the man he tagged with at WrestleMania 38, The Miz. A recent report has suggested that Paul will be the babyface in the feud with Miz.

This isn’t the first time that Triple H has introduced new talent to WWE. Fans of the black and gold era of NXT will remember him personally being around whenever a new talent would sign their NXT contract. Triple H and Stephanie were also heavily involved in the signing and first few months of Ronda Rousey’s rookie year in the company.

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Joshua Jones

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