Eminem is one of this generation’s prolific and influential rap artists. His work has inspired many artists to enjoy listening today. Although Eminem can spit fire at the tune of almost any beat, a new video featuring hip-hop record producer Just Blaze reveals that he is open to hearing criticism.

Hip-Hop DX spoke to Blaze where he talked about working with the rap legend on the album Recovery and criticized his flow during a recording session. Although Eminem initially brushed it off, he sounded as if he eventually took the criticism to heart.

One of his right-hand people comes and hands me the phone. They’re like ‘it’s Marshall.’ So I’m like, ‘Hey Waddup.’ He’s like, ‘after what you said what you said I went home and listened to the song 30 times to try to understand what you were saying and I eventually heard it and I realize that I agree with you.’ So he’s like, ‘thank you for that.’

Recovery went on to sell 741,000 copies in its first week of release. It became the rapper’s sixth consecutive U.S. number one album and remained on the top Billboard 200 charts for five straight weeks. It’s also the best-selling digital album in history and one that many of Eminem’s fans go back and listen to.

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