Lala Kent’s ex-Randall Emmett has a hard time staying out of trouble. The movie producer made headlines again, but this time for all the wrong reasons. After a shocking investigative story accused Randall Emmett of physical assault and sexual harassment, 50 Cent reacted.

The Fofty period was a memorable one. Every week, 50 Cent identified a fresh debtor to publicly humiliate in front of millions of fans. Although his methods frequently led to him receiving his money in full, there is little doubt that they also caused some egos to get damaged.

After being admitted to the hospital in the middle of a 50s public attack, Randall Emmett is the one who came up with the nickname Fofty. Later, he made good on his debt to Fif, who then removed all the posts about Randall. Fif is reportedly back on Emmett’s neck, though, as a result of fresh abuse claims.

👀See this is why i made him give me my Money by Monday, Then after he had to stay a 100 feet away from me. @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi

The LA Times published an extensive investigation into charges of sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, and commercial fraud against Emmett. Emmett was accused of giving a lady a role in exchange for sexual favors by the woman.

Additionally, he is accused of mistreating Bruce Willis on the set of a movie they both worked on while the actor’s health was obviously deteriorating. Emmett’s representative has refuted all the accusations made against him, but 50 Cent responded to the situation by reflecting on the infamous Fofty era. Check out the post below.

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