Johnny Depp is getting ready to go to court once more after winning more than $8 million in his defamation case against Amber Heard. This time, Depp will defend himself against former coworker Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who claimed Depp punched him in the rib cage on the set of the City of Lies movie in 2018. Shocking new testimony recently unraveled the assault allegations.

A potential key witness in the upcoming trial might completely unravel the case, according to an exclusive tape that Radar Online has received. Officer John Bigrigg, a retired 35-year member of the Los Angeles Police Department and a former Green Beret who was working with the L.A. Film Unit when the alleged attack occurred, is heard telling an investigator on the tape about the incident.

I walked over to where the disturbance was, and it was already over. Neither of the combatants showed no sign of wear, complained of injuries, or said that they wanted to press charges.

It would appear that Officer Bigrigg’s memory directly refutes Brooks’ claims. Location manager Brooks stated in court documents related to his case against actor Depp that their argument began when he told the actor they were shooting after their permit had expired. He claimed that he was given the unpleasant responsibility of telling Depp that he would not have enough time to complete the sequence since the clock was about to expire by director Brad Furman.

This is what allegedly provoked the assault. In response, Depp denied the allegations, claiming that he acted in “self-defense” and that Brooks “provoked” the purported altercation. Depp’s actions on the City of Lies set had already sparked conflict. Leaked daily production records detailed a number of absences and instances where he failed to show up for work at all, costing up to a million dollars in lost filming days.

Additionally, according to Brooks, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s “intoxication and fury” on the scene “produced a hostile, violent, and unsafe work environment” and the alleged assault left him feeling “emotional pain” and “humiliation.” Depp allegedly offered him $100,000 to strike him in the face following the encounter, according to his lawsuit.

In addition to suing the producers and filmmakers of the movie, Brooks is demanding “unspecific damages” in the lawsuit. However, as Radar previously revealed, Depp’s legal team, led by Camille Vasquez, was actively pursuing a settlement outside of court as recently as last week. This is a developing story, so stay tuned to Thirsty to get latest updates.

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