Olivia O’Brien claimed that she and Pete Davidson were once romantic partners. Pete Davidson is clearly a Casanova who likes dating high-profile women. It seems that isn’t the case.

O’Brien informed outlets that they were dating in October 2020. She said Pete abruptly ended their relationship over a text suggesting his desire to mingle with Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor. However, a spokesperson for Pete told E News, “there is no truth to this,” saying how they “were friends and hung [out] a few times.”

During a BFFs podcast episode, Dave Portnoy asked Olivia about her situation with Pete. This question totally mortified O’Brien. Dave, on the other hand, read an anonymous and invalid tip sent to DeuxMoi (a celebrity gossip site).

“I have it on good authority that pete and phoebe are in fact an item,” the DeuxMoi post read. “He ended things with B-list popstar/influencer he had been seeing beforehand for phoebe.”

Pete is now in a relationship with Kim Kardashian. Nonetheless, Olivia O’Brien does not harbor any ill will toward her alleged ex-boyfriend. She describes him as a “nice guy,” and she adores his sex appeal and sense of humor.

 “He’s hot and he’s really funny,” she said. “And he’s really sweet. He’s a really sweet guy.”

Pete’s spokesperson was reached out to for more information after Pete denied their relationship. However, we have not heard a response at this time.

Right now, there’s not much further info regarding Phoebe & Pete’s previous relationship. Last year, they both were seen quite close together in the UK. Sources said the two broke up, citing “long-distance made it very difficult.”

Pete Davidson is an exhilarating pretty-boy who is adored by many powerful women. From 2014 to 2022, his SNL skits made him a household name. It seems his popularity makes it challenging to be committed to women long-term, and we don’t blame the 28-year-old. Who knows how will the relationship last with Kim Kardashian? As for Olivia O’Brien, she will always have a heart for him.

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Jonathan Pugh

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