Pete Davidson has been in a number of relationships. He is well-known for his relationships with celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. Olivia O’Brien has now confirmed that she and Pete Davidson dated in 2020 before he started seeing Phoebe Dynevor.

According to E Online, Olivia O’Brien recently revealed that she and Pete Davidson used to be more than just friends. She revealed it on the BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry podcast on June 29. Olivia was put on the hot seat by host Dave Portnoy, who asked her “what was going on” between her and the Saturday Night Live star.

“Where did you hear that?” Olivia asked. “How did you hear that?” Then Dave read an anonymous and unverified submission to the celebrity gossip website DeuxMoi. It seems Pete was in a relationship with Olivia prior to his romance with Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor.

“I have it on good authority that pete and phoebe are in fact an item. He ended things with B-list popstar/influencer he had been seeing beforehand for phoebe.”

Olivia stated that it occurred around October 2020, although she did not think “anyone knew about that.” The “Josslyn” singer said Pete ended things with her before moving on with Phoebe, saying, “He texted me and was like, ‘I’m seeing someone else,'” she said. “So, like, I can’t.” This all happened “a long time ago,” and Olivia still thinks he’s a “nice guy.”

She had many things in mind when she was drawn to the 28-year-old comedian. “He’s hot and he’s really funny,” she said. “And he’s really sweet. He’s a really sweet guy.” Olivia also expressed that it’s “so annoying” how “guys don’t get it” when it comes to Pete’s attraction. And, despite her claim that she has “friends that are only attracted to guys for their personality,” she finds Pete physically appealing as well.

Pete and Phoebe’s relationship was never officially confirmed. They did, however, unofficially announce it in April 2021, when they were seen candidly cuddling and strolling together on a grassy hill in Phoebe’s native country of the United Kingdom.

Pete has moved on from his split with Phoebe and has been dating Kim Kardashian since the fall. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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