Joe Rogan is currently one of the most popular figures in popular culture. He’s also a massive figure in the world of MMA, and often gives insightful commentary about fights that take place within the UFC. 

Rogan recently called for a complete overhaul of the MMA judging and scoring system. He cited that Carla Esparza’s insane performance against Rose Namajunas at UFC 274, saying that proved the need for a complete reassessment of the system.

The controversial millionaire took to his Spotify exclusive show, The Joe Rogan Experience, and talked about how the fight was scored. He said that Esparza’s win came from a split decision. However, due to very little action happening within 25 minutes, nobody knew what the judges were looking at to give points to the fighters. 

This is my No. 1 problem with scoring, the way we have scoring in MMA: Any one of those rounds (in Esparza vs. Namajunas) could be a 10-9 round, or a round where someone beats someone pretty cleanly and lands a lot of shots could also be a 10-9 round. That doesn’t make any sense. That’s a flaw in the scoring system.

The MMA commentator and critic called for a better system to score fights with. He said that rounds that feature a lot of action or very little of it could get a scoring of 10-9. He added that the boxing scoring system doesn’t help when UFC fights need scoring.

We need a better system. We don’t need boxing’s system. It shouldn’t have anything to do with 10-9. There should be a bunch of factors like volume, the amount strikes, submissions, takedowns, all the damage, all that sh*t. Add it up, and it should be a totally different thing. We should have scores like 57-96 for one round, 100-20 for another round, like that kind of sh*t. Because that’s more indicative of what’s actually happening in a fight than 10-9.

Joe Rogan has been on the case of poor MMA scoring for many years. However, he is often making headlines for different reasons. He recently said that Logan Paul should face his own brother rather than Mike Tyson. He also said the amount of death threats he’s receiving isn’t concerning.

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