Ezra Miller has amassed a growing list of scandals in recent years. The actor made headlines in early 2022 after twice being imprisoned in Hawaii for harassment and violence. However one rumor about them have been found to be false.

On social media, there have been rumors that Austin Butler and Ezra Miller had an altercation in a Tokyo bar, but TMZ has learned that’s far from the truth. According to sources close to Austin, the incident never occurred. Contrary to what the initial allegations stated, he never even entered a pub while in Japan.

Furthermore, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department claimed to have no record of the occurrence, according to TMZ. Austin recently visited Tokyo as part of his press trip to promote his new “Elvis” film. Ezra has allegedly been “terrorizing Tokyo” by approaching Austin in a bar and shouting at him.

The “Flash” actor was accused of punching Austin. Ezra has been on a violent rampage lately, despite the fact that this supposed account is inaccurate. They have been detained numerous times for assault in Hawaii and may be fired from DCEU’s “The Flash” as a result, according to reports.

Miller was also recently accused of harassing a woman in Iceland. Miller hopes to address the accusations at some point, but for the time being, they are choosing to silently concentrate on their health and recovery. To get the latest updates, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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