Valerie Loureda recently retired from Bellator MMA. She made her choice to become a pro wrestler. Not only that, but she’s also a social media influencer, an actress and a model on the side. However, in June, Loureada confirmed her exit from MMA and signed a contract with WWE. The 23-year-old will make her Performance Center debut next month.

Valerie revealed on an episode of Busted Open Radio that she will make her debut on her birthday, July 19th. She exhibited immense exuberance at the fact that her birthday is her debut. Going on, it was noted that she’s moving to Florida to begin the journey as well.

I’m very happy, but more than anything, I’m excited that I’m finally announcing that I’m moving to Orlando soon and starting my journey for real.”

Earlier this year, Valerie attended WrestleMania 38 and became awe-inspired by the whole show. Despite her previous dancing & MMA endeavors, Valerie always wanting to be a wrestler.

“I always knew what the WWE was,” “I was a fighter, but I was also a dancer my whole life, for 15 years.”

Her singing is noteworthy as she’s the first Cuban-American woman to sign with WWE. Valerie considers this a “no-brainer,” and she believes it is her destiny to carry it thru out her journey.

“It’s a no-brainer. It was my destiny and now its my time.”

Triple H and Senior Vice President James Kimball were the ones who brought her on board. Valerie claims that after her tryout, she was forced to wait, during which time she assiduously trained.

“I had to be patient, I went to my tryout in Orlando, and it came true for me.”

Valerie Loureda, at the age of 23, is still in her youth. With a 4-1 mma record, a gorgeous physique, and a plethora of talent, it’s only a matter of time before she dominates in the PC and NXT. What can we expect from her? Is she a heel or a babyface? Will her gimmick be popular with the audience? To be honest, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Jonathan Pugh

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