Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson grew up on the road. His father, Rocky Johnson, was a star for Vince McMahon long before anyone could’ve imagined the career The Great One would have. That time on the road led to some wild times, and one Canadian filmmaker has a story to tell about it.

Lisa Purves was 18 years old when she first reached out to her real father. It turns out that father is none other than Rocky Johnson. In 2017, Lisa set about to make a documentary about what life is like for children who are abandoned by their parents.

During the research, DNA evidence revealed that Rocky Johnson had several other children. All five of them had additional testing done, which confirmed that Rocky had at least five children across Canada, according to a story on Purves in Sports Illustrated.

That means The Rock has several half-siblings. Dwayne Johnson was never given an opportunity to be close to them when he was younger. Several of those children watched their half-brother as he rose to stardom, often resentful that their father only talked about Dwayne.

It does not appear that Dwayne Johnson has much of a relationship with his half-siblings. Despite that, the others have connected over the years. Many stay in touch and some are close.

It will be interesting to see if The Rock has any comments about the story. Fans who are hoping to find out more will have to wait for Purves’ documentary, “Just Call Me Lisa.” The film is still in production and is slated to release soon.

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