Chris Brown worked hard to establish himself as one of the decorated artists in the hip-hop industry. He has managed to keep himself relevant over the years, despite the fact that he is always wrapped up in controversy. He also explained why ghostwriters don’t work in rap.

The world of hip hop can be quite ruthless at times, as an artist can be judged from lyricism to their flow to how they write their lyrics. The industry is ever-changing as well.

While speaking on Drink Champs, Chris Brown explained why ghostwriters can work in R&B but not when it comes to the word of hip-hop. Noreaga also asked him why it’s something that is looked down upon in Hip Hop but accepted in R&B.

“It depends on the artist. In the Hip Hop standpoint, if you stand on your business, you rappin’ and you doin’ your sh*t, we don’t wanna hear about somebody else’s robbery.

So, we not gonna respect it from a Hip Hop culture to be like, ‘Man that’s hard that n*gga wrote it for him. Like, what’re we listening to you for then? We should be listening to this n*gga!”

Because everybody can’t sing. I always said it like this, right? ‘Cause I never discredit writers who write on my album. I got hella co-writers and we do certain sh*t. But it’s just like this: they can write it, who gon’ sing it like me? So, at the end of the day, you might write some beautiful sh*t that gets overlooked cause it don’t sound good.”

Chris Brown also recently opened up about his beef with Drake. Chris Brown is also determined to work with Beyoncé. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Chris Brown.

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