Bill Cosby, formerly known as “America’s Dad,” was found guilty on three charges of aggravated indecent assault in 2018 for an incident with Andrea Constand, a worker at Temple University. He was sentenced to more than two years in state prison. Bill Cosby has recently spoken out about the moment he first discovered his 10-year sentence had been reversed for the first time since being released from prison.

According to Radar Online, Cosby spoke with radio host Frankie Darcell on Thursday. It’s exactly one year after the 84-year-old actor and comedian left the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania jail facility. The former “America’s Dad” spoke about the moment he learned the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court had overturned his guilty sentence during the interview.

I was napping, I don’t know what time of day it was, but I was napping in my cell – which I called my penthouse suite – on the Phoenix Correction property doing 10 years. I heard the cell door open…then all of a sudden, I just hear this yelling: ‘Mr. Cosby, Mr. Cosby, you have to wake up…you have to get out of here, you have to go home. You’re free Mr. Cosby, Mr. Cosby you’re free!’

And I get in the car, and I have a ‘professional driver’…and Andrew’s words to me were: ‘Your wife got you out of jail.’ And I said, ‘Yes I know my wife did it.’ ’And she did it without a gun.’ And we drove.

He also talked about the other prisoners he met while serving his term, how it felt to be free, and how it felt to be walking around. Cosby quickly described the time he entered the car where his attorney, Andrew Wyatt, was waiting to transport him out of the prison facility after talking about the moment he discovered he would be released from the state prison.

One day before his first anniversary of being free, Cosby posted a picture of himself grinning.  This is the first time Cosby has discussed that day, and it comes on June 30, 2021, the anniversary of his release. Cosby hosted a dinner celebration with some of his closest family members and friends to commemorate the one-year anniversary of his conviction being reversed.

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