Rick Ross boasts one of the top automobile collections in the industry. Fans got to see the variety of exotic cars in Rick Ross’ impressive car collection during his latest car show in May. The head of Maybach Music Group has since added a new vehicle to the collection.

The Biggest Bawse flaunted a new, enormous monster truck on his Instagram Story. The truck had four enormous wheels that were bigger than the rapper and was painted in a blue, red, and white pattern. Rick Ross flexed the vehicle as he climbed the ladder to get in it.

It’s the biggest, my first Tonka truck. It’s my first time in it, baby. Y’all n—as better get ready baby cause I’m ready, baby.

Rozay climbed into the vehicle and started revving the engine as hard as he could, whipping it around his vast garden. A collection of exotic automobiles, tractors, and even a full-sized tank would be complete with the monster truck. The strangest car Rick Ross has ever been given may be the tank he added to his collection at his first-ever car show.

Fans can see the tank being unloaded from a truck bed in an Instagram video posted in April, complete with full cannon and camouflage paint. The interior of the tank, which immediately attracted notice, was its best feature. Check out the Instagram posts below.

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