R. Kelly has seen significant career success, but everything has changed. Kelly is engaged in numerous legal proceedings that damaged his reputation forever. Kelly has been recently accused of lying to doctors about never having intimate relations with Aaliyah when she was a minor.

In a recently unsealed letter acquired by Radar Online, New York prosecutors ripped into disgraced singer R. Kelly’s request for a lenient punishment in his sex trafficking case. Kelly made an appearance in court recently to learn his sentence length. He was convicted by a jury of racketeering and trafficking in sex last year.

According to the authorities, Kelly operated a criminal business with the sole aim of enlisting young women for his abuse. Several of Kelly’s victims testified at the trial to detail the heinous treatment they endured. While Kelly thinks a 10-year sentence would be sufficient, the prosecution has requested a 25-year sentence.

Kelly’s request for a new trial was denied by the judge at the sentencing, and a government document submitted earlier this week was made public. Prosecutors inform the court in the shocking document that Kelly misled two doctors during questioning. They clarify that the doctors were employed by the singer’s team to speak with Kelly and compile a report for the court.

The study was cited in Kelly’s defense of a ten-year sentence. Prosecutors claim in the letter that Kelly participated in many voluntary interviews with doctors Park Dietz and Renee Sorrentino. However, they contend that he misled them throughout their meetings, which led to inaccurate reports. Kelly allegedly denied having intercourse with Aaliyah to the physicians, according to the government.

At trial, the woman who testified using the pseudonym Angela testified that she saw the defendant and Aaliyah engaged in a sex act in 1992 or 1993, when Aaliyah was 13 or 14 years old. [Kelly] falsely stated that there was only one incident where he had a physical altercation with a woman and that was with the woman who testified using the pseudonym Anna and she initiated it. At trial, the women who testified at trial using the pseudonyms Jane and Anna testified about extensive physical abuse that they each experienced and saw others experience.

Kelly also allegedly falsely claimed that the witness who went by the alias Jane did not reveal her true age to the defendant until “years” after they first met. They also said Kelly lied about never making women wait for hours in a Sprinter van or forcing them to obtain permission to use the restroom.

One woman allegedly claimed she had to urinate in containers because Kelly wouldn’t allow it. The prosecution hopes that by responding to the doctor’s letters, the judge will not sentence Kelly to a brief prison term. Presently, all parties are present in court awaiting the verdict.

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