The O.J. Simpson trial is undoubtedly one of the most talked about court trials in American history. Simpson was ordered in 1997 to pay $33.5 million to the Goldman family after he was found liable for the murder of Ron Goldman. O.J. Simpson recently voice his support for law enforcement in Los Angeles County.

TMZ shared a video rant of him criticizing West Hollywood for voting to decrease funds for the agency. The ex-con took a stand in support of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Simpson expressed himself, alluding to his notorious relationship with the law in Los Angeles and the time he spent incarcerated during his murder trial.

Trust me, we need police, we need the sheriffs’ department.

Since his murder trial defense team publicly and aggressively attacked LAPD for supposedly tainting evidence and being racist, it is frankly rich that O.J. is endorsing L.A. County law enforcement. It is also likely pretty galling to cops. They successfully shifted the focus of the trial away from O.J. and toward LAPD activities.

Years later, Simpson claimed he has always opposed defunding the police and that money should instead be reallocated to improve training and expand Internal Affairs agencies, which allow police to look into other police. O.J. has some interesting things to say about police, but he also has some interesting things to say about Donald Trump’s actions on January 6th and the situation at the southern border. The entire tirade is strange. Check out the video below.

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