Yung Miami and Diddy are possibly one of the couples whose romances in the hip-hop scene draw the most attention. Despite often having affairs and acting in ways that couples do when they are in love, they long denied having a romantic relationship. Miami recently shared her thoughts about the relationship.

She chose the 52-year-old to be her first guest on the City Girls’ Caresha Please podcast. The episode featured a lot of spilled tea from both of them. The 28-year-old recently reiterated her devotion to Love on Twitter by retweeting a clip of her that had been published by BET. In reference to all the Puff drama, she clapped back at her haters in the caption.

Support who supports you! & never give a fuck what ppl say 💅🏾🥰🥰 GO PAPI 🗣🗣

Diddy even noted that he still considers himself single, and it appears that Yung Miami feels the same. Both of them also talked about their mutual reluctance in marriage and their comparable experiences losing a parent of their children. Diddy still struggles with the loss of Kim Porter, and Caresha’s son’s father tragically passed away.

Since then, the two have shown their love and support for one another again, most notably at the BET Awards when Miami carried along a “Go Papi” sign to wave in the crowd as the New York native got his renowned Lifetime Achievement Award, which was given to him by Kanye West. Many made fun of Caresha for going above and beyond and receiving nothing in return when Diddy screamed out his ex, Cassie, throughout his speech but made no mention of her; yet, she doesn’t appear to be impacted. Check out the tweet and video below.

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