R. Kelly is acknowledged for helping to redefine R&B and hip hop as a recording artist. Even during his peak years in the music industry, he was followed by sexual assault charges. Shocking claims about the singer are surfacing these days, with one victim recently revealing that Kelly forced her to urinate in cups.

Prosecutors in New York have detailed everything R. Kelly’s alleged victims told them during one-on-one sessions. It included the accusation that Kelly forced them to sit for hours in sprinter vans. They also said that they were frequently forced to urinate in cups unless he granted them permission to use the bathroom.

Radar obtained shocking court records given to the judge ahead of Kelly’s scheduled sentence this week. In September 2021, a jury convicted the singer guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking. Prosecutors accused the musician of years of conducting a criminal enterprise with his associates.

Kelly’s purpose was to find young ladies to abuse. The government has requested the judge to throw the book at Kelly, claiming he deserves more than 25 years in prison. The government stated in the documents that Kelly “methodically groomed the women and girls in his orbit to meet all of his sexual needs.”

According to multiple witnesses in court, Kelly forced the women and girls to call him “Daddy” and directed them to wear swear or other baggy clothes. According to the government, Kelly also prohibited the women from talking to or even glancing at other men.

“When he entered a room, he expected the women and girls to immediately stand and greet him with a kiss. In more recent years, including the entirety of the time Jane spent with him, the defendant’s coercive tactics grew even more brazen.”

“In an elevator, they were expected to turn to face the back. While walking through hallways, they were expected to look to the floor. In commercial establishments, they had to direct their inquires to a female employment of leave the establishment.”

Kelly’s victims also claimed that he separated them from their family and friends and prohibited them from using social media. “They were also not permitted to exchange personal information with the other women who lived with the defendant,” the government said. Kelly was supposed to fly the girls and women to his location, according to the feds. They were then ordered to wait for him in a location specified by him.

One claimed victim stated that she attempted to go to the mall while in Las Vegas, but an assistant “made it clear to her that she would need to first get [Kelly’s] permission.” Another victim, Faith, claimed that she spent hours on a Sprinter Van waiting for Kelly, only leaving to use the bathroom when Kelly gave her permission. Other victims stated that they followed Kelly to meetings, social gatherings at restaurants and bars, and other events, “but [Kelly] often directed them to stay on the Sprinter van while he went.”

“If they need a bathroom and could not obtain permission from [Kelly] to leave the van, they had to urinate in a cup. When [Kelly] learned that one woman had left the bus at a pitstop during a long-distance drive without first obtaining the [Kelly’s] permission, he became enraged. An assistant testified that when [Kelly learned of this transgression, she had never seen the defendant ‘so upset.’”

Kelly has categorically denied all claims of misconduct. In the case, his lawyers requested the court for a light 10-year sentence. Kelly will face another jury in Chicago on separate charges after being sentenced in the New York case, as previously reported. Let’s wait and see what happens. To get the latest updates. Keep an eye on Thirsty.

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