Ludacris established himself as one of the most influential rappers in the industry today. Earlier this month, the artist received an honorary degree in Bachelor of Science in Music Management from Georgia State University. Chaka Zulu, a longtime manager of Ludacris, was one of three people shot recently in Atlanta’s Buckhead district.

One victim has passed away, according to Radar. Zulu’s status is “critical yet stable.” The suspect is still evading capture. Disturbing Tha Peace Records’ co-CEO is a seasoned member of the music business.

Zulu was shot in a parking lot close to Peachtree Road after a fight turned fatal, according to Zulu was sent to a nearby hospital by ambulance. Two additional people were shot.

According to 11 Alive, one person did not make it and died while being treated in the hospital. Police did not have a suspect in custody at the time this item was published. Kasim Reed, the mayor of Atlanta, commented on the predicament and verified Zulu’s status.

Lt. Germaine Dearlove of the Atlanta Police Department provided additional details regarding the event, saying, “We have three persons shot at the location. One deceased and two are in hospitals as a result of a dispute in the parking lot.” Law authorities acknowledged they have surveillance footage of the site, which they believe may aid in identifying the shooter while the manhunt for the gunman is still ongoing.

In 1998, Zulu, Jeff Dixon, and Ludacris established the record company. They entered into a contract with Def Jam Records in 2008, greatly increasing their clientele. Regarding the incident or Zulu’s health, Ludacris has remained silent. Ludacris has been contacted by Radar for comment.

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