Witnesses are testifying about what happened the day Britney was getting married to Sam Asghari in court for a preliminary hearing. Some testimony is horrifying as it retold the story. One of Britney Spears’ sacked security guards claimed that when her ex-husband tried to crash her wedding and broke into her house, they almost met face to face.

Alexander made a beeline for Britney’s bedroom after trespassing onto the property and entering the main home, according to one of Britney’s security guards. Alexander attempted to open Britney’s bedroom door while she was inside, but it was locked, according to the guard’s testimony.

Additionally, despite not being on the guest list, the guard claimed Alexander kept insisting he needed to talk to Britney and was hunting for her. The news first surfaced on TMZ. Police said that Alexander, who had a knife in his possession, demanded to see Britney on her wedding day as he entered her property and climbed to the second floor of her house.

He was detained by the police before he could speak to Britney. The security guard, who was promptly fired by Britney after the incident, testified that Alexander had been seen on the property’s perimeter numerous times in the days before the wedding, including the day prior, despite Britney’s orders to keep away. Alexander entered a not guilty plea to all of the counts brought against him, including criminal stalking, vandalism, and violence in a public place.

Another witness, a Ventura County Sheriff investigator, claimed Britney had described Alexander to her longtime agent, Cade Hudson, as “scary.” After the incident, Britney obtained a 3-year restraining order against Alexander, and her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, claimed he is taking all necessary precautions to ensure her safety. The next court date for Alexander is scheduled for July 12, and his bail amount is still $100,000.

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