The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard dominated headlines for the previous few months. Johnny Depp emerged victorious with $10.35 million after a jury found in his favor in his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. Following his legal triumph against his ex-wife, Johnny Depp has no plans to rejoin Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Depp was reportedly close to finalizing a $301 million agreement with Disney to reprise his role as Jack Sparrow in a new Pirates movie and a series for Disney+. According to a spokeswoman for the 59-year-old Hollywood celebrity, this is untrue. Radar Online learned that he has no intentions to don the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ outfit for another time.

A spokesperson for the 59-year-old Hollywood star tells Radar this is not true and he has no plans to put on his costume for another go.

Depp alleged that his ex-fraudulent wife’s accusations of abuse cost him his role in Pirates 6 and a $22.5 million check during his explosive trial with her. Tracey Jacobs, his former agent, asserted that she was not made aware of any official arrangement. Additionally, it was revealed that Margot Robbie was being considered as a possible actor to succeed Depp in the franchise.

Depp’s ex-wife paid him $15 million after his legal team persuaded a jury that Heard had slandered him. Depp is not returning to Pirates, but as we reported earlier today that the actor was seen departing in order to prepare for his new role as King Louie XV in the much awaited picture by French director Maiwenn Le Besco.

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