Michael Jackson, dubbed the “King of Pop”, is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. His contributions to dance, music, and fashion throughout the course of his four-decade career elevated him to a universally recognized pop culture icon. The person who is being sued by the estate of Michael Jackson for allegedly stealing the pop star’s pajamas on his deathbed once revealed to friends that he and La Toya had a succession of experiences with the pop star’s ghost.

Following the death of the celebrity, Jeffre Phillips, who had been La Toya’s manager and boyfriend for years, became engaged to her in 2013. Phillips is rumored to have stayed at Michael’s house. According to the singer’s estate, Phillips stole clothing, handwritten notes, a bag containing personal and professional letters, the singer’s driver’s licenze, and iPhones belonging to Michael and his kids from Carolwood House.

Lawyers claimed in startling court documents submitted on Friday that La Toya’s partner stole a resuscitation tube that had been used on Michael by those attempting to save his life after he overdosed in June 2009. According to Radar Online, Phillips and La Toya oddly asserted that the Thriller hitmaker had paid them a theatrical visit at their Los Angeles home.

They said Michael visited them dressed in the white pearl beads that Michael wore when he was laid to rest. They claimed, ‘The lights were out, and Michael appeared in the curtains.’ It was just his face, and then he began to move, La Toya and Jeffre said. His eyes were open and he appeared peaceful, but then he vanished. He came again, and this time, it revealed more of him – down to his shoulders. LaToya said she turned the lights on and asked, ‘Michael, do you wish to go to the other side?’

The estate claimed in court in Los Angeles on Friday that Phillips’ attempt to auction them was the first time they had heard of the loot. They said that even though they had recovered some goods, Phillips still had the home movies and the songs Jackson had written and recorded prior to his passing. The estate requested that Phillips give over every item of property that he is accused of stealing. He has not yet responded to the accusations.

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