Danny Bonaduce rose to fame in the 1970s as a child actor on the sitcom The Partridge Family. Celia Bonaduce, Danny Bonaduce’s sister, recently revealed that the actor is suffering from a “mystery illness.” Danny Bonaduce’s mystery illness is beginning to get worse.

The “Partridge Family” star gave an encouraging health report after overcoming an unidentified sickness that left him unable to walk and with speech difficulties. On “Good Morning America“, Bonaduce revealed that he was unable to walk at all. His wife, Amy Railsback, had discovered the significant problem in April.

I couldn’t walk at all. She looked really nervous. And she said, ‘You’re not saying words, you’re not speaking English,’ which, of course, is preposterous to me. I’d seen my dad have a stroke, and it was the same thing. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t keep my balance. I slurred really badly. I couldn’t remember anything. I was hoping for a diagnosis but did not get one.

While spending five days in the hospital, the former child star-turned-radio DJ had a series of tests that excluded a stroke but did not produce a definitive diagnosis. In April, Bonaduce announced via Twitter that he would be taking a break from his career. “Some news to share. I’m taking a temporary medical leave from my radio show. I’ll share more when I know more. I’m still working towards receiving a diagnosis. What I know is, I need time to focus on my health. I love my job and talking to you guys & I’ll be back on the air soon.”

Since 2011, Bonaduce has co-hosted “The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show” on Seattle radio station KZOK. He is sober but had a history of substance abuse. After taking a two-month break, he said on “GMA” on Monday that he was able to resume his job. He urged his supporters to take time to consider their health and what they’re doing.

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