Ben Affleck has seen tremendous success due to his dedication to his work. The holidays are a favorite time of year for Ben Affleck to visit with his family. Ben Affleck’s 10-Year-Old Son accidentally took the wheel of the Lamborghini and crashed into the car during a family outing.

Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son recently caused some trouble by reversing the wheel of a costly Lamborghini. With the engine running, he pushed the car in reverse, which caused it to collide with another vehicle.

Samuel Garner Affleck, Ben and Jennifer Lopez, and 777 Exotics in Los Angeles were the destinations of their Sunday outing. Ben allowed Samuel to take the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini while they were all gazing at other vehicles. The boy put the Lamborghini in reverse, and it collided with the white BMW.

According to the photos, the Lamborghini’s rear bumper on the passenger side made contact with the front wheel and maybe the fender of the BMW. Sam stepped out of the Lamborghini and walked to the back to look for any potential damage, but it’s difficult to tell from the pictures.

There was no damage, and everyone is well, a representative for Ben said to TMZ.
It’s true that the luxurious cars were only parked quite closely together, according to a 777 Exotics employee.

Fortunately, there was not even a minor scratch on the cars. Ben was going to face difficulty from Samuel, but nevertheless, the issue got dodged. What are your views on this story? Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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