Elvis Presley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in September 1956 and won the hearts of millions of Americans until five years after his passing on August 16th, 1977. The FBI maintained an extensive file on him for more than 25 years. Agents kept tabs on his attire, his on-stage antics, his love life off-stage, and the plethora of scum who tried to take advantage of his amazing celebrity.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Elvis once referred to infamous FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover as “the greatest living American,” the FBI itself turned down all of Elvis’ requests for a meeting with Hoover. Jones affixed a photo of Presley dressed as he did when he met President Richard Nixon to prove his claim. Additionally, it was fortuitous that Director Hoover was “out of town” when Elvis visited Washington, D.C.

Radar Online reported on these newly released documents, and there was quite a lot to take in.

* That a spurned dermatologist threatened to expose Presley’s love affair with teenage beauty Priscilla Beaulieu, who later became his wife.

* That death and extortion threats poured in throughout his career.

* That Elvis believed that the activities and public statements of the BeatlesJane Fonda and the Smothers Brothers were subversive, anti-American propaganda.

According to the documents that have been made public, the Bureau started compiling information on the King as a result of complaints about Presley’s influence on American children. The most odd discovery of all, however, is that Elvis was duped by a group of scam artists with connections to the mob who bought his JetStar plane using rejected checks, mortgaged it for $1 million, and duped Elvis into paying nearly $400,000 more for repairs that were never done.

Elvis passed away before the jet was delivered back to Graceland, his Memphis estate, even though they were apprehended and some of them were found guilty. Although Presley passed away in 1977, the final 100 pages of his FBI file cover the years 1981–1982, when a New Jersey individual requested the FBI’s assistance in determining the value of a 1955 red Corvette convertible he had paid $34,000 for. He asserted that the previous owner discovered a document of sale under the seat that identified Elvis Presley as the original owner. Elvis had not owned the car, according to the FBI’s findings.

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