The Colorado Avalanche are one win from their first Stanley Cup title since 2001, thanks to Nazem Kadri’s overtime goal recently. Even if the two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning don’t believe it should have counted. An NHL supporter was recently banned from Avalanche games for pulling out a crazy stunt.

The die-hard fan fulfilled his deceased friend’s wish by scattering his ashes on the ice in Colorado on January 8th. As Colorado played Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup finals, KDVR reported that Ryan Clark, a self-described “die-hard” Avs fan, is prohibited from entering the arena for the remainder of the year. Clark also made a statement to KDVR.

If you saw the little bit of the amount that I actually got on there, the Zamboni took care of it round one. The usher asked me, ‘What was that?’ I gotta be honest with you. It was my friend. ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘Well, he passed away. Yesterday was his service and I spread some of his ashes out there. If he was still here, we’d probably be at the stadium. We’d be doing what we had to to get the thousand-dollars-to-sit-up-top tickets.

After that, according to Clark, he was taken to the concourse of the arena, where he met with security. Finally, he was led outside the structure. Soon later, Clark got a letter in the mail alerting him that for the rest of the season, he was not permitted to attend any Avalanche games at Ball Arena.

He didn’t know the Avalanche would play in the Stanley Cup Final at the time. That occurred long before the Avs advanced to the Stanely Cup finals, where they will have the opportunity to lift the trophy on June 24th at home.

Kyle Stark, whom Clark met in 2009 while working at King Soopers, is said by KDVR to be his best buddy. Stark served as Clark’s best man during his wedding, and they afterwards shared a room. To get more such news, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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