WWE 2k22 finally came out three months ago after a lot of hype and also dread behind it. This is due to the abysmal reception that WWE 2k20 received. Released WWE Superstars who were included in the game were surprised as well.

Thankfully, fan expectations were met this time around, as WWE 2k22 actually ended up being a solid game. It boasted lots of improved visuals, an overhauled gameplay system and a lot more modes.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall, several released superstars commented about still being included in WWE 2k22. The performers were scanned to be featured in the game, but some were actually surprised they were part of the game.

We have spoken to several members of the WWE 2K22 roster that have been released along the way since they were scanned in. None of them that we spoke to were informed explicitly ahead of the announcement that they’d be included in the game, but some caught wind of it in the days prior. We’ve spoken to numerous wrestlers who weren’t told outright that they’d be getting paid for it, but to “expect something” later this year.

It was said that none of the released talent were told beforehand that they would appear in the video game. Numerous wrestlers stated that they weren’t informed if they’d get paid or not, but to “expect something” later this year.

The Executive Producer for the game also recently left the company. We’ll have to see how WWE 2k22 will turn out to be in the end.

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