Pete Davidson’s influence in the industry skyrocketed after getting into a relationship with Kim Kardashian. Fans expected Pete to appear on The Kardashian on Hulu, but Pete was not in the mood. Pete Davidson’s decision to appear on Season 2 of “The Kardashians” was recently made public.

It’s no secret that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are utterly smitten with one another. Other than living together, which they have considered, or getting married, starring on Hulu’s The Kardashians together might be one of their greatest steps. The latter will take place in the second season of the show, a source close to the Kardashian family told Hollywood Life.

“In the end, Pete knows that this level of exposure for his career cannot be bad. He controls the narrative in this instance, and he is only showing a loving side of himself that is authentic. He felt like, after all the mention of him in Season 1, he can’t just ghost out and always be this entity. He is having fun doing this with her, and they all know it is only going to make fans that much more interested in watching. It is a win-win situation. Kim was absolutely on board with Pete agreeing.”

Pete opted to come on the show and did not feel compelled to do so, the insider added, and a second insider close to the pair echoed this idea. The source added that Pete did not decide to go on The Kardashians haphazardly.

“Kim would never force Pete to do anything he doesn’t want to do. She took the same stance with Kanye [West] because she knew he didn’t want any part of being on the show. Being on the show was something Kim discussed with Pete, but she never tried to persuade him or put any pressure on him at all. She really left that decision completely up to Pete. Putting your relationship out there in such a public way leaves it open for even more scrutiny.”

A source close to the KarJenners claimed in April that although Kim wanted her boyfriend to be on the show, she would not pressure Pete to do so. According to a source close to the matter, Kim handed up all decision-making authority to Pete since she prioritizes personal space.

“Kim knows that Pete is not fully on board with appearing in season two and she also knows what people are saying about it to him. Kim is leaving this decision up to Pete and continues to take the same stance on this; she’s not going to try and persuade him either way.”

Kim and Pete seem to be taking their potential relationship seriously, delaying taking any action until they have given it due thought. The couple’s wedding is the center of rumors. Watch what happens next. Keep checking out Thirsty for more updates.

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