Pete Davidson is well-known for many things. His fame skyrocketed after his appearances on “SNL,” his relationships with Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, and his legendary BDE status. However, an otherwise unimportant wardrobe mistake suddenly became a major deal.

Pete strolled outside in Cairns, Australia, but he didn’t remember to zip up. He might be making a fool of himself, but more likely, he simply wasn’t aware that his fly was open. While posing for photos with supporters outside his hotel, Pete gave the photographers the peace sign.

Pete is in Australia to film the movie “Wizards!” with Sean Harris, Franz Rogowski, Naomi Scott, and Orlando Bloom. Plan B, owned by Brad Pitt, is the production business. In case you’re curious, the movie is about two stoners who own a beach bar and end up in trouble after discovering a large sum of money that they ought to have left alone.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s love is growing deeper by the day. The pair is making the most of their lives. Kim recently revealed that she took quite a long time before introducing her kids to Pete.

Kim is in L.A. with the children, so Pete is flying solo. He’s taking a risk by making a fashion faux pas with a woman who, from what we can tell, almost never leaves the house without a quick check. Check out the photos below.

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