Elvis Presley’s legacy is tangled and controversial. Recently, The King’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley, was figuratively smacked after the details of her messy divorce with Michael Lockwood came to light.

Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband Michael Lockwood revealed she dropped cash on having him followed by a team of private investigators as part of his argument for monthly support. Michael dropped the bombshell as part of a new court filing obtained by Radar Online.

The struggling musician dragged his ex-back to court due to his belief she has enough money to pay him child support for their twins, Harper and Finley. Lisa Marie filed for divorce in 2016 after a decade together. The couple signed a prenup that prevented Michael from seeking spousal support.

At the time, Elvis’ daughter was experiencing financial issues, including a $10 million tax bill that resulted in her not having to pay support. During the divorce proceedings, in 2017, Lisa Marie also accused Michael of having inappropriate photos of children on his computer.

Lisa said she was “shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach” after seeing the material. Lisa Marie said her ex had “hundreds of inappropriate photos of children and is facing allegations of sexual abuse and neglect.” Michael denied the allegations, but both Los Angeles and Tennessee authorities investigated the matter.

However, no charges were ever brought against Michael. Last year, Michael claimed Lisa was flush with cash after signing a $1 million book deal and for the money she’s pulling in from the Elvis biopic starring Austin Butler. A judge ended up awarding Michael temporary child support in the amount of $4,600 until a final decision is made later this year. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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