Snoop Dogg’s love for cannabis knows no bounds. The legendary rapper even has his own personal blunt roller. Snoop has never been shy about sharing his habits openly and honestly.

Over the years, Snoop Dogg has become close with Martha Stewart. The pair have even hosted television shows and holiday specials together. It made sense that Snoop was one of Martha’s first guests on her new podcast.

In a preview that has been making the rounds online, Martha asks Snoop how many ‘special cigarettes’ he smokes in a day. Snoop said it depends on what he is working on. It could be as many as 25.

“It depends. When I’m shooting television, maybe about 15 a day. But when I’m making music, probably about 25 and the thing is when I’m with Martha, she’s the second-hand queen. I make sure she gets all the secondhand smoke.”

Martha Stewart said that Snoop’s second-hand smoke is the only time she gets high. She noted that it makes her feel very good. Stewart said a lot of the myths about cannabis are incorrect.

Snoop Dogg will be devoted to his favorite medicine until the day he dies. He’s even made it into his own business. Martha Stewart is just happy to get some second-hand smoke.

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