Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to have a totally negative relationship ever since they parted ways. Ye keeps trying to throw wedges between his ex-wife and Pete Davidson. Despite all of that, Kim Kardashian still feels grateful for his help on her endeavors.

Kardashian has lost emotional closeness with Ye. However, their business relationship still continues to bloom. The GRAMMY winning rapper knows his stuff when it comes to creative goals in launching a new project.

The 41-yearr old revealed to her fans on her Instagram Stories about how West came as a saving grace for her. Kim Kardashian launched her new line of skincare products, called SKKN by KIM on Tuesday. She explained how the brand came around with its name, packaging and typography.

The skin line includes cleansers, toners, exfoliates, hyaluronic acid serums and eye creams, all of which needed dedicated color tones. She also revealed the “mood broads” and initial designs the team made as they went through different rounds of brainstorm. Kim then gave Kanye the credit he deserves.

And of course, my creative process wouldn’t have been complete — and I always give credit where credit is due — without Kanye. He brought his team and introduced me to [creative director] Willow [Perron] and we came up with the new name — that was actually [Kanye’s] idea — and the packaging shapes were his, and even the font he did, just like Skims.

The Kardashians’ star also talked about how the rapper was a big influence on SKIMS as well. She added that the rapper’s take on the first set of packaging helped the team to figure out how to solve functional problems as well.

You guys should have seen the first set of packaging, and when I tell you Kanye walked into the room and said ‘This is not it.’ And he was right. Packaging is definitely his thing. And when Willow and his team were able to figure out the whole sustainable part, we really figured out a way to make this re-fillable, and I think just for our environment, it wasn’t even an option. That was just exactly what we were going to get.

Kim and Kanye are still fighting the custody battle, but Kim wants to take the high road to make co-parenting work. Ye also doesn’t like the fact that Pete Davidson gets to spent time with his children, though Kim doesn’t see how that’s a problem.

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