Diddy’s dropped a new track called “Gotta Move On,” which features Bryson Tiller. The track is about his separation from model/singer Cassie Ventura. The track has gotten some backlash and it looks like his ex is demanding money for ‘finder’s fee.’

Cassie’s husband Alex Fine indicated that the Bad Boy Records CEO was gay shortly after the album’s release on Friday. He said, “HAPPY PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ friends. attached is a charity that helps people who are in the closet and GOTTA MOVE ON.”

OnlyFans model Gina Huynh is now accusing her putative ex-boyfriend of manipulating her to get on the song. Huynh released a video of herself listening to the pre-Diddy track on Saturday. It also had a date that appeared to back up her claims.

I’m in a ‘I don’t give a f-ck’ mood today. First of all, I put you onto that song and if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have this song on your album. OK? I’ve been nothing but nice to someone for almost a DECADE to get treated like this. PUBLICLY!! Am I not allowed to stand up for myself????? Man if y’all only knew.. F-ck I can only take so much. If any of y’all was in my position you would do the fuckin same. Foh.

She also asked for a “finder’s fee.” Huynh has strong feelings about Diddy, according to reports. In May, she posted an Instagram Story with a snapshot of Diddy kissing her on the cheek, which allegedly prompted Yung Miami to fire shots on Twitter. Check out the post below.

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