Bobby Shmurda hinted that his new EP will be released this summer, but it appears that he’s had another setback. On Tuesday, a video of Bobby providing another update on his upcoming project appeared online, but it wasn’t what fans were hoping to hear.

Producers are severely charging Bobby for beats, according to the Brooklyn native, and Bobby can’t quite understand why he’s being taxed so high for a service when he’s made a lot of money himself this year.

“These producers is giving me like the hardest time right now like I’ve never seen no sh*t like this before like I know n***** can not…it can’t be that bad outside my n****, it can’t bro. I done made over a half a million for the year it can’t be that bad outside. Why is n****’s oding right now?

I’m trying to drop my project but these n***** is asking me clearances, and these f*cking producers is asking for some crazy sh*t. I don’t know what rumors is going around they think that Bobby is just dropping bags this that wherever.”

Producers are sending Bobby’s beats with numerous people already rapping on them, he explained. Despite making sufficient money to cover the expensive costs, Boddy Shmurda, in his opinion, is not paying an arm or a leg for production that others are already using.

“I’m not giving n***** no f*cking $8,000-$10,000 for no f*cking producer or some bitch. Who the fuck told you n***** to f*cking make songs with 10 muthaf*ckers on the song bitch n****, f*ck you sending me? Those bumass n***** be sending me sh*t like that with like 10 n***** on the song, bro. Don’t play me bro.”

Since his release from jail in February 2021, fans have been eagerly waiting for Bobby to release a full-length album. Bobby stated at first that his former label, Epic Records, was preventing him from releasing anything. He was liberated from his contract, which piqued fans’ interest in his debut solo endeavor, but they may have to wait a little longer. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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