Doja Cat is one of the hottest pop acts in the industry right now and she is quite passionate about her career. She and DJ Akademiks have a well-documented history of feuds. After Ak reported on her history of frequent white supremacist chat sites, he played a voice note from the “Ain’t Sh*t” hitmaker.

DJ Akademiks is no stranger to controversy. On the most recent episode of his popular podcast, he and DJ Vlad recalled a former feud between the host and singer Doja Cat. He brought up a previous scandal in which the Planet Her hitmaker became embroiled.

[She] sent me a bunch of messages. It was weird, it was when I was covering the whole thing about like… She was in some white supremacist chat rooms.

The Off the Record host went on to allege that his coverage of Doja’s emergence made her very furious. He even pulled receipts from their DMs to prove it. After that, the 31-year-old played a voice note from a Californian. Doja Cat can be heard saying that Ak exploits people’s depression.

No, your problem is that you exploit people. You exploit people’s depression, you exploit people’s mistakes, and you try to bring attention to things that don’t need attention, and that makes you a sick person.

Doja allegedly called him a “sick person,” and her first message to him was purportedly, “Nobody likes you,” which Akademiks couldn’t understand. “I said, ‘That’s cool, I don’t like anyone either.’ She’s like, ‘You’re a low-life piece of sh-t.’ I was laughing, and she was like, ‘I really don’t like you at all.'” Check it all out below.

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