Everything seems to be going well for Cardi B and Offset recently which was not the case always. They have had their fair share of ups and downs. Offset was recently lavished with royal treatment by Cardi B and his children on Father’s Day.

The team greeted him with a breakfast buffet that would make IHOP blush. Four of the rapper’s five children were present for breakfast in bed, including his two children with Cardi B, Kulture and Wave, their baby boy. Cardi placed out a plate with a variety of delectable dishes, but Offset had to turn it around so he could eat.

There was a wide variety of food options. It included eggs, chicken, bacon, pancakes, fruit, and what appeared to be some form of porridge. It’s unclear if Offset was able to eat because his kids insisted on having him read their cards and open their gifts downstairs, which he did as a good father.

Their house, by the way, was completely decked out with Father’s Day decorations, including balloons and the like. Offset seemed to have taken it all in stride and had a good time with his kids, who seem to believe their grandfather is a riot. It’s nice to see the complete family together on such a momentous day.

The couple is known to share many gifts with each other, especially in fashion. Check out the adorable surprise pictures and videos below. A huge congratulations to the Papa Bear!

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