Nick Cannon is currently the proud father of seven children, all of whom he is successfully raising. Because of his baby mama’s appreciation, Nick has been busy on Father’s Day this year.

On Father’s Day, Nick Cannon is a busy man, with seven babies already out of the oven and, at least, one more on the way, but he’s only getting love from a couple of baby mothers.

Indeed, only two women who are currently carrying his children officially called out the television host and media figure on Sunday. That would be Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend Bre Tiesi, who is currently pregnant with a boy, and Abby De La Rosa, with whom Nick already has twins and is expecting another child. ADLR captioned a couple of old videos/photos of her, Nick, and their kids.

“Happy Father’s Day @nickcannon – we are so grateful for you papa!”

Abby also appeared to have spent the weekend with Nick. She also posted what appeared to be a new video of them celebrating Father’s Day with a Father’s Day-themed event, in which she refers to Nick as “babe.”

Meanwhile, Bre, who revealed her pregnancy with Nick at the beginning of the year at a gender reveal party, shared personal photos of herself and Nick, where she, too, praised him as a great dad-to-be. Bre then uploaded a story on her Instagram account with a loving message for Nick.

“Moments like this with you are everything. You are the most gentle loving present human. I dk how you do it we are just thankful you do. Happy Father’s Day to baby C’s super daddy we love you so much can’t wait to celebrate u @nickcannon.”

Bre captioned another shot of the two of them together during a shoot, calling Nick “my love” and wishing him a happy Father’s Day. Alyssa Scott wished Nick a Happy Father’s Day but without mentioning him. Zen, Nick’s 7th child, died at the age of 5 months following a struggle with cancer. This was something Nick discussed on his program and which left him ripped up.

After all, Brittany Bell called out Nick, although in a joking-trolling manner. It appeared that she hired Ytiet to send her a personal message. She uploaded a video with a humble caption.

“I couldn’t let this go to waste. To a father who could use some help counting…Happy Father’s Day. @nickcannon”

Nick’s other baby mom, Mariah Carey, with whom he shares two twins children between them, has been pretty quiet on Father’s Day so far. However, Thirsty wishes Happy Father’s Day to all the great fathers. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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