Chris Brown let his millions of fans know that they can expect a new project from him soon. His tenth studio album will be titled Breezy and is set to release on June 24. With the “Breezy” album less than a week away, Chris wants everyone to know how much effort has gone into its creation.

The father of three also revealed the cover art for his newest body of work. It’s a black and white image of the back of his head with the word “Breezy” carved into his hair in a distinct font. The Virginia native didn’t stop there, though, he had to keep the anticipation high.

Brown hyped up his fans by  his potential track-list, which consists of 23 songs. In a recent interview with Big Boy, he also spoke on his tracks and detailed the process of choosing which ones he likes best. While sitting near each other, Big Boy asked, “To do 23 tracks for the album, Breezy, how many do you have to record? How do you let your, so-called, “babies” go? How do you pick 23?”

Chris then revealed “It’s crazy in the album process, … for this actual project, I think I had almost 250 songs.” The singer went on to state that he and his team had to narrow it down, to which Big Boy joked, “One album we were 45 [songs] in, I just finished listening to that on the way here.”

Brown surely spent a lot of time in the studio, perfecting his next project. He also mentioned that during the time that his previous album, Indigo, was about to release, he was already working on his next project. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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