50 Cent is certainly one of the most influential names in the hip-hop world. His brand value is a lot, as he has his name in many mediums outside of just music. Fif is now irritated by the disparity between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.

Once again, 50 Cent is speaking his views. This time over Father’s Day, which the New York native believes isn’t a “real holiday” like other annual holidays. Fifty even slams the commercials for showing screwdriver and power tools during father’s day.

Listen, listen. Father’s Day is a holiday that’s not really a holiday, you know what I’m saying? Like that shit is like… Even by the commercials, look at the commercials! Father’s Day, they’ll show you screwdriver, muthaf-ckin’ power tools. Like n—-s don’t want diamonds? You know what I’m saying? Mother’s Day come, n—-s is getting flowers, cards, all kinds of shit, right? What the f-ck they get for Father’s Day? You get a text for Father’s Day! You get a text to make sure you still know where you should send your cheque.

According to Fif, on Mother’s Day, ladies are sold with luxury, glamorous products. Family patriarchs, on the other hand, are left with stereotypically male items that go hand-in-hand with hard labor. The 46-year-bitter old’s views about today’s holiday is very evident.

They’re more likely to derive from his rocky relationship with his eldest son, Marquise Jackson, than from his “baby boy,” Sire Jackson, whom he loves to flaunt on Instagram. After all, 50 Cent is never one to keep his opinion to himself. Check out the Instagram posts below.

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