Quavo is undoubtedly one of the most well-known rappers in hip-hop right now. However, according to recent footage, Quavo gets what he wants, which in this situation is a haircut, regardless of who is in line ahead of him.

The footage shows the Migos rapper stepping into a barbershop with a small group and instantly attracting the attention of the clipper in chair #1, who appears to know Quavo needs a haircut and needs it now in that precise spot.

Instagram user @youssefbarber, an Atlanta barber and owner of Diamond Cuts studio, shared a video of himself and his customer Lance sitting in his chair having his haircut on Friday. When Quavo enters the barbershop, the barber orders Lance to rise so that the Migos member can sit on his chair.

Lance is a gentleman and slowly begins to move while the barber removes his apron and all of his cutting equipment. Everyone appears to understand and accept the fact that this is Quavo’s chair, and he takes precedence over everyone else in it, even if it is mid-cut. 

People have had different reactions to the video, with some believing the barber was unprofessional in telling his customer to get out of his seat so he could cut Quavo’s hair. Some folks, on the other hand, realized what the barber was up to, it was only business, never personal. When a famous client walks in, he or she is given special treatment because he or she is most likely paying more for his haircut.

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Smita Singha Roy

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