Kanye West has established a grip in the business world because of his popular Yeezy brand. But it wasn’t until he received his own sneaker that West’s ultimate ambition as a footwear designer became a reality. Last year, a battle to save his brand began, and it has now concluded. Kanye West and Walmart have reached an agreement over fake Yeezys.

Kanye West has reached a settlement with Walmart over the department store’s sale of “knock-off” copies of his Yeezy sneakers for $25, according to Money Inc. The complaint was brought to Los Angeles Superior Court a year ago by the fashion designer, who rose to fame as a musician.

The Sun reports that Ye’s legal team invoked California’s Unfair Competition Law, claiming that if the merchant sells their version of the shoes, he might lose “hundreds of millions of dollars” because they look nearly identical to his Yeezy Foam Runners, which cost around four times as much.

According to new legal filings, both parties agreed to settle in April 2022 for an undisclosed sum. Kanye West first declared war on Walmart in 2021.

In the original lawsuit, the founder of G.O.O.D. music demanded that Walmart must pay him damages, interest, legal expenses, and other costs related to the case.
He also demanded that Walmart remove the footwear off its website, but the retailer insisted on selling the bogus Yeezys. In the 66-page complaint, his lawyers wrote about the issue.

“Walmart is flagrantly trading off of West’s and the Yeezy brand’s popularity by offering for sale an imitation version of the Yeezy Foam Runner.”

“Wаlmаrt customers аre buying fаke Yeezy Foаm Runner shoes in the mistаken belief thаt they аre аssociаted with Kаnye West аnd the Yeezy brаnd. According to informаtion аnd belief, the hаrm cаused to Plаintiffs аs а result of Wаlmаrt’s illegаl аctivities could be worth hundreds of millions of dollаrs.”

Finally, Kanye and Walmart have entered into an agreement. The amount of the settlement between the parties has yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information on this issue.

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