Drake recently launched his new album, “Honestly, Nevermind” and within just twenty-four hours after its release, the album has received backlash on social media. While fans are expressing their mixed reactions, one artist, in particular, pointed out that Drake did not give her any credits for her voice on Drake’s record.

Rye Rye, an artist, took to Twitter to announce that her voice was included on the project’s fourth track, “Currents.” “I ain’t been able to hold my sh*t together all morning knowing that I’m sampled on @Drake’s “Currents” song,” she tweeted. She’s referring to the word “What” that can be heard in the background of the two-minute soundtrack.

Despite the fact that she was not listed as a feature, she is pleased to learn that Drake sought her out to be fit enough for his song. “Let’s be clear I ain’t get my credit on that Drake record yet but my team is definitely working on it but I’m still gonna celebrate my legendary ass on a @Drake record.”

Rye Rye expressed her dissatisfaction while maintaining a pleasant attitude throughout the rant. Rye Rye expressed her dissatisfaction while maintaining a pleasant attitude throughout the process. “Knowing that Gordo (Drake’s producer) grew up in [MD] and acknowledged/shedded light to our culture but didn’t credit the Baltimore artists from the Baltimore track he sampled from a major album is kinda even more disappointing.” she wrote.

She continues to rant that she is aware that it is not Drake’s fault and that her team is working on the issue. The artist wrote, “Let’s get this straight when songs are sampled I know it don’t really be the artist it be the producers mainly already presenting the beat to the artist as is so I’m not going at drake lol it’s a ki my team is hitting up the correct ppl to get it fixed.”

Take a look at the social media posts of the artist below. We’ll just have to see if Drake’s new album grows on us in the meantime.

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