Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial took over the world for the past couple of months and it is not hard to see why. Amber Heard expressed her disappointment after losing in court against Johnny Depp. She believes that jurors were swayed by Johnny’s celebrity status.

Amber sat down for an interview with “Dateline” and rattled off a list of reasons why she claims she lost. At one point, she virtually verbatim reiterated what her lawyer stated in the closing argument about a catch-22: if they have evidence it was made up and if they don’t they’re just blowing smoke.

Amber fought back tears as she expressed her dissatisfaction with the jury’s decision. She claimed that the fact that Johnny is a well-liked figure played a role in their decision. She further claimed that the outcome was predetermined after a host of “paid employees” and “randos” testified on her ex’s behalf.

Amber Heard has received a tremendous amount of negative press after losing her trial against Johnny Depp. However, despite charging Johnny Depp with terrible abuse and admitting he brought her “total global humiliation,” Amber Heard stated that she “absolutely” still loves him.

She is however standing firm in her claims of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of Johnny. Heard is claiming that it was an impossible scenario for her to get her story out due to the hatred she felt from both within and outside the courtroom. She said that her purpose in doing the interview was that detractors could see her as a human being.

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