Steph Curry is raising up the ranks at an incredible pace. The Golden Warriors star point guard got a fourth NBA Finals ring in his career. The Warriors came out victorious against the Boston Celtics 103-90 in a surprising turnout to the series. Curry’s performance was at peak, which got him another huge title.

Curry got his first ever Finals MVP Trophy, which he hadn’t been estranged with for many seasons. The 34-year old is in line to receive another huge honor, from Davidson.

Chris Clunie, who is Curry’s alma mater Davidson’s director of athletics, announced to the world that Curry will get a special ceremony. At the ceremony, Curry will finally get his degree that he’s waited so much for. The ceremony is scheduled for August 31st, 2022.

Curry is getting a highly honorable spot at the Davidson Athletics Hall of Fame. That’s not all, as he is No. 30 jersey and number will be retired. Curry’s jersey and number had not retired yet because of Davidson’s policy to hold it until a player graduates.

The Golden Warriors player did not finish his degree in Sociology back in 2009 as he was declared for the draft. The player still expresses his desire to get back to school and continue educating himself, which is something in truly intends to do.

Curry still finished his degree after returning to college during the NBA lockout in 2011. This year, he enrolled again during the spring semester and finally got a slam dunk on his degree. Steph will be the 7th player in Davidson to have his jersey retired by them.

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