Tom Hanks is considered a national treasure and one of the most popular and recognizable film stars in the world. His films have touched the hearts of millions of fans all over the world, with the likes of Forrest GumpSaving Private Ryan and more changing lives. LeBron James also came to the defense of Tom Hanks after his recent outburst.

Hanks is a beloved Hollywood character who very rarely makes headlines for the wrong reasons. Recently, Hanks was in the news for his outburst. Hanks and his wife were making their way to their awaiting vehicle in New York City.

They were surrounded by security, overly eager fans and paparazzi. One person got too close for comfort and Rita, causing her to lose her footing. Hanks saw this and immediately yelled, “Back the f*ck off!” before telling them to leave his wife alone.

Tom Hanks’ outburst was met with a mixed reaction for some reason. LeBron James took to Twitter and defended Tom Hanks, stating that it is natural for Hanks to do what he did and that he should’ve been protected better.

I just saw the Tom Hanks clip of his wife almost being trampled over by the paparazzi. What the f*ck ever happened to personal space?? Now if Tom would have stole on one of them, he would be the one in the wrong and probably sued! How are they protected more than he and his wife?

It is good to see LeBron James sticking up for Tom Hanks. Regardless, we certainly hope such an incident never happens again for Tom Hanks’ sake.

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