Kesha has been one of the most well-known singers in the industry since 2015. Fans are still learning more about the controversial singer. While celebrating Pride Month, Kesha has declared that she is “not straight” and “not gay.”

Kesha is wishing her fans a happy Pride Day, which she herself is celebrating. On Thursday, she stated in an Instagram post celebrating Pride Month that she is confused about her sexuality but is “open to it all.”

 The “Praying” singer wrote:

“I’m not gay. I’m not straight. I don’t know what I am. I love people. I love people because we are all our own little consciousness journeys, dancing around the sun ☀️ how weird and interesting and fun this life is, right?”

Kesha continued to say, “I refuse to be anything, really, except for open to it all 🌟.” She admitted that figuring out one’s sexuality can be “confusing,” but that individuals who are having trouble are not alone.

“I know it can be confusing sometimes, but you are so seen and loved.” She continued, “Love u animals, happy pride 🌈see u at stonewall soon!!!!!” in reference to Greenwich Village’s famous homosexual club. She also took a moment to honor her LGBTQ+ fans.

“🌈Happy pride! 🌈In case I haven’t been straight forward enough (LOL) I just wanted to take a sec to tell everyone that you are not only enough, just as you are, but the world is so f–king lucky to have you.”

“Yes, I’ve been wearing the same thing for like 4 days. What? #happypride #pridemonth #pride.”

Kesha ended her post, joking about the light crewneck sweatshirt she donned in the attached shot. She’s still living her best life and encouraging others to do the same.

In an interview with Attitude magazine in 2019, Kesha revealed that she is bisexual and that she is not “hiding” her true self. In 2013, the “TikTok” artist stated that gender does not play a role in her dating life.

Kesha has been seeing Brad Ashenfelter since at least 2014, and the two were spotted on a beautiful beach walk in May 2021. Keep an eye on Thirsty to get further updates.

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