Teresa Giudice is most known for her appearance on the show, Real Housewives of New Jersey. The reality star is no stranger to controversy on the show. Teresa Giudice has been recently accused of photoshopping a photo of her 17-year-old daughter Gabriella.

Her Instagram followers are condemning her for uploading the photo that appears to have been manipulated. The star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” took to Instagram and posted a snapshot of the kid smirking at the camera. She was dressed in a green corset top, dangly earrings, and full glam.

My beautiful Gabriella ❤️

Trolls swarmed to the comments section to chastise Teresa and accuse her of doctoring her daughter’s photo. One wrote, “Post the real photo … she’s gorgeous without the filters.” Another commented, “Doesn’t look like her, would have never guessed.”

Others pointed out that Gabriella shouldn’t be wearing so much makeup, as she appeared to be wearing artificial eyelashes and a glossy lip. Despite this, a number of Teresa’s friends and followers left kind comments on the page. Check out the post below.

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