Bam Margera has been part of the ‘Jackass’ series since the very beginning, alongside the likes of Johnny Knoxville and others. Earlier this week, Margera made headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. Margera went missing after he ran away from a rehab facility in Florida. It appears, he is on his way back to the facility he bolted.

According to TMZ, he was found in a nearby hotel after he was reported missing. Sources close to the ‘Jackass’ star shared with the outlet that Bam shacked up at a hotel in Delrey Beach after bouncing from the rehab facility, and cops and a crisis intervention team located him Wednesday.

Cops escorted him back to the treatment center. According to the outlet, he went back voluntarily and didn’t fight it. As we previously reported, he rehab center manager revealed Bam is supposed to be there under a court order, which is why police are taking him back.

Bam was reported missing on Monday after splitting from the treatment center. Bam, who recently completed one year in the drug and alcohol treatment program, is not believed to have relapsed. Although, there is some uncertainty there because he’s been off his medication since leaving the facility.

It was said that Margera did have issues with the facilities’ restrictions and made the impulsive decision to leave. Reportedly, Bam’s frustration with the rehab center was stemming from the fact he was not getting special treatment as a celebrity, unlike other rehab stops in his past. We’ll keep you updated on his ongoing sorry.

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