Tom Hanks is regarded as an American cultural icon and one of the most popular and recognizable films stars in the world. His movies have earned him millions of fans across the globe. Recently, questions regarding Tom Hanks’ health were called into question earlier this month after the actor was caught shaking his arm uncontrollably.

Daily Mail reports, earlier this month in Gold Coast, Australia Hanks was speaking at the premiere of his newest movie, Elvis, in which the acting superstar plays Elvis Presley’s infamous manager, Colonel Tom Parker. After Hanks took the stage to share a few words about his time in Australia filming Elvis, his right arm started trembling uncontrollably. The 65-year-old actor struggled to get it under control.

As Hanks continued his speech, he attempted to stop his arm from shaking by grabbing it with his left hand. He also tried moving the microphone into his other hand to no avail. The crowd at the Australia premiere of Elvis did not seem to notice Hanks’ uncontrollable shaking, because the audience laughed along and smiled as the actor celebrated the Gold Coast and the people that live there.

Following the Australian premiere of Elvis on June 4th, Hanks flew back to the United States where the film premiered at Presley’s very own Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee on June 11th. After the video clip went viral on social media, fans began to speculate on Hank’s health. A Twitter user wrote, “God forbid it could just be adrenaline and nerves!” While another pointed out, “He’s diabetic. This happens to my mom when she gets low blood sugar.”

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